Thursday, November 20, 2008

AQM recovery

I have spent much of this week recovering from the Melbourne show. There was so much to take in. I have just been sorting through what we brought back with us. So many cool products. Giant yoyo makers, photo fabric and so much more. I can't wait until it all arrives.

It has been a week that has prompted much to think about charities. This yummy queen size quilt picture was posted my way. It has been made by the Wandoan Creative Sew'ers, to support their group. They are raffling it on Saturday the 29th of November when this beautiful quilt will be drawn. So if you would like to support their club, tickets are $2:00 each. For more information contact Kaylene by e-mail, phone 0746275223 or 0427462743 or via post to Wandoan Creative Sewers group, P.O box 31.Wandoan Queensland 4419.

If your group has a charity they are working towards, we would love to help.

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