Friday, April 24, 2009

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Yes due to popular demand we have the Very hungry caterpillar in stock. This is a charming interpretation of that delightful childrens book and WOW has it been popular.

We are through a bolt of the panel and a bolt of the border in a week. We have ordered more of the co-ordinates as well as replacement bolts! Unfortunately the deliverly can be a bit patchy so we are still waiting for some of the co-ordinates to arrive.

Thomas loves both books and has demanded a piece of the border. Whenever he see it he starts reciting "On Monday ... one apple but he was still hungry"

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Pressies for all

There seemed to be a lot of chocolate and maybe even a little sewing over Easter from all you who posted. We had a lovely time away at Mudgee. Delicious food and scrumptious wine. Anyway a little Easter present for everyone who posted - send me your snail mail address before the 25th April and we'll post something in the mail for you!

With the cooler weather coming around do you think it might be time for a flannel quilt? The lovely Tapestry of Colours Flannel

Tapestry of Colours FlannelTapestry of Colours Flannel

There are also some lovely kids flannels: Sleepyheads has just arrived:
Sleepyheads Flannel
Sleepyheads FlannelSleepyheads Flannel

Butterfly Fling and Dinosaur Uproar and Little darlings have also been very popular as the weather cools down.

Butterfly Fling Flannel 22083/11FButterfly Fling Flannel 22087/17FDinosaur Uproar Flannel 10737/11Dinosaur Uproar Flannel 10740/12

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Something for Everyone

It has been as busy few weeks (isn't it always). We have had so many yummy ranges come in. Firstly there was the beautiful Aviary.

This has lovely soft tones of pinks blues and greens - such pretty fabrics! There is also a lovely bird print that would look superb a the feature print in the centre of a block.
For the girls there is the whimsical Whispering Glen.
This delightful range is by Debbies Beaves and features the prettiest watercolour fairies and divine bouquets, pretty stripes and charming co-ordinates.
For the guys we have Space Ranger. This is for serious fun. There is a panel, a book, border and co-rodinates which all have glow-in-the-darks stars.

How cool is that! The sky has been very popular in that range so if you are making a nightime quilt make sure you grab some before we run out!
It must be time for a giveaway so leave us a post abot your favourite Easter Project and you never know what the easter bunny might bring on Sunday morning!