Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Summer's Here

Wow if there was any doubt! It has been stinking in Sydney the last couple of days. We have has the choppers flying overhead the last couple of days water bombing the fires in Killara. I heard them yesterday but didn't really think about it as I couldn't see or smell and smoke. It was only after taking to a friend at East Killara that I realised there was a fire. After I has a look on the web I was a little sheepish to realise it was just down the road from my parents-in-law.

Fortunately they had it under control and the roads weren't blocked so I could pick Thomas up at he end of the day.

As well as orders, I have been busy the last couple of catching up on paper work and ordering new stff. We have some very pretty patterns coming in from both Material Possessions and Dragonflies and Daisies.

Judy came over today and we had great fun planning a quilt using the Fresh fabrics from Deb Strain. It will use one charm pack, one honey bun and one Jelly Roll. Here is the charm pack laid out on the floor.

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