Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Pressies for all

There seemed to be a lot of chocolate and maybe even a little sewing over Easter from all you who posted. We had a lovely time away at Mudgee. Delicious food and scrumptious wine. Anyway a little Easter present for everyone who posted - send me your snail mail address before the 25th April and we'll post something in the mail for you!

With the cooler weather coming around do you think it might be time for a flannel quilt? The lovely Tapestry of Colours Flannel

Tapestry of Colours FlannelTapestry of Colours Flannel

There are also some lovely kids flannels: Sleepyheads has just arrived:
Sleepyheads Flannel
Sleepyheads FlannelSleepyheads Flannel

Butterfly Fling and Dinosaur Uproar and Little darlings have also been very popular as the weather cools down.

Butterfly Fling Flannel 22083/11FButterfly Fling Flannel 22087/17FDinosaur Uproar Flannel 10737/11Dinosaur Uproar Flannel 10740/12


SandyN said...

Thank you for your kind Easter gift. What a nice surprise.

Wendy said...

Ditto!! Thanks so is a lovely surprise!!!

Wendy said...

Just received my present yesterday and what beautiful patterns...thanks sincerely...can't wait to start!!!