Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We have been kept busy the last few weeks with our sale. I hope you have all grabbed a great bargain! For those of you who like to touch and feel we are having a clearance sale 11-13th February. See the Diary Dates on the side for more information.So many lovely fabrics have arrived and we have been busy getting them loaded up. Some lovely pre-cuts from Moda.

There are two cute-as-cute can be ranges. The first is Love U by Deb Strain. With little owls, snail and cupcakes in a soft palette of yellows, oranges, greens and pinks.

The second is animal antics by Cheri Strole. A bright palette full of fun dots, strips and cute animals. This is a great range for children's and babies' quilts.

If you like the modern feminine ranges we have three lovely ones just in. The first is Eden - a pretty collection of soft yellows, purples greens and pinks.

Botany is the second range - a celebration of nature. The stunning fabric range created mother and daughter duoLauren & Jessi Jung for Moda Fabrics reveal different intricacies and delicacies found in the natural world.

Hip...Mod...Ethereal...Comfortable...Boutique, our third floral range touches many bases with its nouveau florals, butterflies, and elements. The prints appear to move as the florals are layered, or the tendrils overlap, or the elements float against a ground of mottled texture.

Modern and fashionable, Boutique offers avant guard style. Sky, amber, rose, and grass comprise the comfortably botanical colour palette.

Available as yardage, Jelly Rolls and charm packs and Layer Cakes.

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a good yarn said...

Lots of eye candy there! The February clearance sale is enticing. Ann :-)