Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quilting From Little Things

Quilting From Little Things by local author Sarah Fielke is a showcase of ten quilting techniques and styles.

Mastering the variety of quilting techniques can be a challenge, and this vibrant and beautifully photographed book, brimming with Sarah's insider tips, provides the quilter with an accessible way to try out new methods, textures and colours, and in the process build upon their skills. Sarah has designed ten pairs of quilts that each provide a lesson in quilt-making.

By first constructing a small dolly quilt, you can gain confidence in the techniques that enable you to make its larger companion quilt. These beautiful quilts, big and small, provide the opportunity to practise traditional quilting techniques such as creating wedges and flying geese blocks, and experiment with new, less conventional methods such as deconstructed piecing.

Sarah also shares her needle-turn appliqué and hand-quilting techniques, which give her quilts their contemporary and unique style. Discover how, from little things, big and exciting things can grow

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Wendy B said...

sounds like a great book....Jenny of Elefantz was talking this one up on her blog too! Got me interested!
Wendy :O)