Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rich New Pre-cuts

We have some lovely pre-cuts loaded up this week. First there is Comfort; the latest from the Collections for a Cause Range.


This is such a rich collection of reproduction fabrics. We have charm packs, Jelly Rolls, Layer cakes and fat quarter packs in stock now. I fell ion love with the whole range and we are expecting it all shortly.

Also loaded up is Etchings - a beautiful collection from the 3 Sister. Classic French elegance is captured beautifully in this collection of lush botanical designs, some featuring delicate, sinuous line work to coordinate with the engraved architectural print derived from an antique book the Sisters acquired on one of their many flea market jaunts.


Damasks and tapestry prints, as well as a lovely range of woven cotton in warm shades of grey stone, aqua, rich red and ivory parchment paper are reminiscent of stepping off the bustling Paris streets into a grand foyer of a historic theatre with dramatic draperies and ornate moldings.

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