Saturday, June 6, 2009

The trade show and an exciting win

After the trunk show on Tuesday, Sue Jim and I headed off to the trade show (the quilt and Craft Expo) to find out what was new. There was a wonderful talk by Robyn Pandolf who is now designing for RJR fabrics, She spoke about the inspiration behind her designs and showcased her latest quilts and ranges. They are so beautifully soft. The fabrics also have a lovely silk finish to them which make then beautiful to touch. I enjoyed the change to talk more with her over lunch.

The day were pretty much spent visiting the various fabrics wholesalers to see what was coming in. There are some wonderful new designs. French General is a new designer for and the first range has everyone talking.

Maisy will be making an appearance on fabric and we will be getting the entire range. There was so much more. It is always an exhusting day. There aresome fun pattern on the way as well.

In the evening we had chance to relax and socialise over dinner and awards night. We were so excited to win the Business of the Year Award.

To celebrate we put together and lovely fabric pack that dissappeared out the door so fast we had to make another one!

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