Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rural Jardin

We love the rumble of the trucks. We are located on a very quite street so the rumble of a truck means just one thing - more fabric!

Judy and I both heard the delivery truck rumbling away today and we were very interested to see what was arriving. I was really excited when the delivery guy come up bearing boxes of Moda fabrics - the new French General range Rural Jardin had arrived!

I did love the faded reds, taupes and cream of her first range, but I love this range even more. The faded reds and taupes are still there be she has added the prettiest faded blue.

The fabric above reminds me somehow of a childhood frock, which the two pieces below I think are to die for.
Anyway - be quick with these fabrics as we have very little of the first range and I can't imagine this one will be around for very long either.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Judy Hansen said...

I had to laugh, the rumble of the trucks is so true! its also means a serious distraction for both of us, when we immediately start designing quilts!

a good yarn said...

This fabric range is sublime. Definitely in my Top 5. No suprise you were excited to see it arrive.