Saturday, July 12, 2008

Getting Ready for Baby

With less than two weeks until little Tiberius joins us in the big world, I have been busy getting the shop in order so that Ann can take over while I am in hospital. I have also been busy getting all of my projects together. I'm sure I can buy everything else I need at the hospital. They have a great pharmacy, bookshop and cafe but they don't have a quilting or needlework store and I couldn't bear to be stuck without something to do. Last time I got an amazing amount of smocking and wool embroidery done. I have just ordered some more silk ribbon so I might make him a blanket while I am there.

Here are my Japanese tumbling blocks. They are nice and portable for Doctor's offices and the like. I have about half my blocks tacked. I don't think they will be done anytime soon but you never know.

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