Saturday, August 23, 2008

Disappearing in Fabric

There is so much fabric in the shop at the moment. We have just go the wonderful Judie Rothermal Sturbridge Village Green in. I fell in love when I saw them and had to order the scarlet as well. This is on top of the Robyn Pandolf that will be in shortly plus the civil war dressing gown range! The only difference between doing patchwork as a hobby and running a store is the size of ones stash! Then there are all the wonderful books and patterns we have been buying - but more on that later...

Judy Hansen and I went out to the Stitches and Craft show on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun seeing it from the customer's side. I haven't done that for years. It was lovely to have the time to browse the stands, normally we are in such a rush when we are working.

Thomas has discovered my crochet cotton and just loves playing with it. I'm sure I will regret it, but it is lovely to see him enjoy the texture of the cotton. It's pretty good value fun!

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