Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yummy Fabrics, Yummy Dinner

I spent the morning tidying the store and getting the new fabrics organised. Just above everything in the photo above has arrived in the last week. I am thrilled to have them in but it is a bit of a challenge making the space for them all.

I spent the afternoon getting the orders out and cutting up more blocks for the Willowberry Winter Block of the month. More Jelly Roll patterns and books arrived. These have been hot! I also ordered more Jelly Rolls as they have been selling fast.

I headed up for the 6 o'clock mail and grabbed some last minute supplies from the shops. Mum, Dad and my sister in law, Tanya, came over. We had a lovely lamb casserole and Steve made his yummy strawberry pancakes. Here is Dad with Cameron.

On Sunday I had some time to work on assembling the remaining coffee cups for my Coffee Quilt and since then I have had time to start sewing them. I am keen for the rest of the fabric to arrive so I can finish it!

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